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Sudigadu Telugu Movie Full Download




He is an international business tycoon and has his eye on a girl from Kolkata, Sandhya. Sandhya's father Harsha Chandran is an adroit politician and is a politician in Kolkata. He has no doubts in his daughter's choice and encourages her to go ahead with the marriage. However, the rich businessman, Siva, comes to know about the mishap of Harsha's father. He seeks to get him out of the way by means of a terrorist act in Kolkata. But Siva does not go ahead as he finds out that he was instrumental in making Sandhya's father Harsha; he was her elder brother. Thereupon he plans to ruin both Harsha and Sandhya's family by arranging for his friend Srikanth's death. The film stars Allari Naresh, Monal Gajjar and Jayaprakash Reddy in lead roles. P. Kannada, B. Narsing Rao, Nassar and Bhim Singh are playing supporting roles. The film is directed by Shibu Sreshta and produced by Sri Vigneswara Rao. The music is composed by Chakravarthy and D. Imman with cinematography handled by Manivannan. The film opened to negative reviews and failed to earn good. Synopsis The story is about Sudigadu, a man with super powers and a man with an obsession for wealth, Siva. Siva owns a company that does mass production of groundnut. Siva is a business tycoon and also a vegetarian. He has an obsession for Sandhya, a girl from a well to do family. But Siva does not agree to marry Sandhya, as he finds out that she is the daughter of her father Harsha Chandran, the powerful politician. Harsha is a friend of Siva's and Siva is known to Harsha for his skills of making a politician or a politician to be a politician. Siva plans to get Harsha out of the way so that he can marry Sandhya and make her rich. Siva's plan backfires when he gets to know that Harsha is the father of Sandhya. Siva, on the other hand, finds out that Harsha was instrumental in making Sandhya's mother an orphan. Siva finds out that Harsha is planning to get Sandhya married to the son of his friend and Harsha had




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